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Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Mats Ek.

Some verses from a classic Danish folksong from the late 1500s about Queen Dagmar (wife of Valdemar Sejr). She was known as Queen of the people because she wished for her husband, the king, to lower taxes for the farmers and free the many prisoners in the castle dungeon.

My personal footage from walking around the forest in Denmark.

Mandola: Christopher Juul Cello: Jo Quail Choir: Veslemøy Aalde Heyerdahl & Ida Sandberg Motzfeldt Footage by Simon Kallas with Thanks to Luk and Sagui Myrkur Folkesange at St John's Church, London Lyrics: Born at night Many are called, few are chosen open mouth swallow up the lakes frozen Am I adored?
Kati Ran on Nyckelharpa.

The official music video for ""Onde Børn"" by Myrkur.

MYRKUR - "Nattens Barn" from the album 'Myrkur'

MYRKUR (Short Film) featuring "Nattens Barn" from the album 'Myrkur'